Recycling with PET

Our world finds itself covered in plastic and the amount on plastic waste produced every year is unimaginable. Action needs to be taken urgently. This is why EarthFlag takes the initiative to upcycle plastic, aiming to reduce plastic waste on planet Earth.

The problem with PET bottles and other plastic bottles

It’s known that plastic bottles are very harmful to the environment because they aren’t degradable and include toxic ingredients (knowing that PET bottles are 100% recyclable and still thrown out). Yearly almost 500 billion PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles are sold worldwide which is in average 156 bottles per person every year. All those bottles are only being used one time and are then thrown away into the ocean where under sea animals are harmed and find themselves entangled into the plastic.

On top of that, plastic bottles are as well thrown away into the nature entailing the dangerous chemicals from the plastic to release into the soil and getting into the groundwater. The consequences are that plants and animals feed on this toxic ground water and die. Humans suffer the consequences too, as farmers rely on groundwater to grow their crops which is later on found in our aliments and consumed.

Giving plastic bottles a new purpose

Petflag is a good example of a company that suggests an innovative solution on how to reduce the waste on plastic bottles globally by recycling them and giving them a new purpose. They try to reduce the pollution as much as possible as a small foundation as well as helping to gain consciousness about this problem to the consumers, so our nature and life cycle can recover from the damage caused. EarthFlagStore wants to encourage this good cause and gets their own personalized flags from Petflag and other organizations with the EarthFlag print in order to spread this good cause further and because our company does not rely on polluting material.

Process of the PET production

The production is made in a few easy steps. Sustainability had never been easier!

Starting with the collection of the PET plastic bottles at supermarkets and collection points, they are shredded into a hundreds of thousands of pieces in order to make it easier to melt the plastic. 

The pieces will be put into high temperature, meaning over 250° Celsius in order to obtain the liquid state of plastic.

The next step implies putting the liquid into long thin stripes. The threads are afterwards used to be woven into the textiles. Those textiles are the fundamental basis for the transformation later on in the factory, where our colorful flags are produced and finished.

If your flag seems to need a little upgrade, you can easily use the textile and transform it into a nice laptop bag or phone case. That way you can guarantee a long life for your goods and not waste a single bit of it.

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