Make Earth Smile


EarthFlag Store’s ultimate goal is to gain gobal recoginition of the EarthFlag in its responsibility to take care of each other and the planet we share. To get to this goal, EarthFlags Store aims to build the Earth Community.

What is the Earth Community?

The Earth Community includes every body on Earth who is willing to make Earth a better place and is ready to take action. Each and everyone can participate and contribute to the legacy of the EarthFlag.

How to join the Earth Community?

Joining the community is very simple. All you need to do is sending us a picture with you and the EarthFlag or your EarthFlag on a memorable location. We will feature you on our social media (Facebook and Instagram) platform and tag you on the picture. The purpose is also to join a message to the picture to inspire more people to take action and learn to appreciate our precious planet. 

Another option is that you tag us on your social media post and we will repost it on our platform to forward your inspiring message. 

Once we build a large community, we might open a whole gallery on this website with proud EarthFlag holders of the community!

Our social media platforms

If you haven’t already followed us on social media, you still can do so below! For further questions we are open to answer all of them!

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