Save lost flagpoles

An invitation of consciousness for Angel Investors


Earth is a place rich of flagpoles, but most find themselves flagless or used very little. We aim to give those flagpoles a whole new purpose.  We want to reach out to people with flagpoles and entrust them with an inspiring mission. The mission to adopt the EarthFlag onto their empty flagpoles to share a universal symbol that unites us in our responsibility to take care of each other and the planet we live on. Our goal is to spread the EarthFlag around the globe and  gain global recognition of the EarthFlag, you can be part of this journey and inspire people around you.


If you have a flagpole by chance, here is your opportunity to make a beautiful contribution in the name of Earth. This is why we are reaching out ot people that would want to take ownership for the flag on the lost flagpole.

For owning a flag, you can get:




Money returned with 25% interest after the EarthFlag Store sells

1m2 nature

10 flags

2 m2 nature

25 flags

5 m2 nature

100 flags

The recognition of the flag is growing and we are aiming for global adoption of the EarthFlag. By filling these flagpoles, we will grow awareness for the flag and thereby give a boost to the sales of the flag. This boost enables us to pay back your investment with interest and m2 of protected nature (in collaboration with EarthToday) that you protect with your investment.

Cost of investment per flag:

For a 100 x 160 cm Earthlfag:  55 €

For a 150 x 240 cm EarthFlag: 95 €

For a 300 x 480 cm EarthFlag: 395 €


SAVING LOST FLAGPOLES does not have an official launching date. Before that, we are building a web of flagpoles by onboarding investors of flagpole owners.


To attend full potential of this project, we work from location through location. It is crucial to first fill as much flagpoles as possible to create more visibility buzz around the EarthFlag. 

Therefore we start in the center of Amsterdam. This will be the epicenter and from here we aim to expand to a bigger and bigger area.

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