EarthStore: A zero-waste project


We, at EarthStore, made it our mission to make waste-free qualitative products accessible to everyone, easy and fun to use. That is why we are developing the most efficient zero-waste system to avoid further single-use packaging.

Planning such an efficient zero-waste system was a big process since we want to make sure that there is no plastic or any other single-use packaging involved in our consumption. The goal is to make the zero-waste lifestyle a fun passion for everyone and to help Earth regenerate from the damage caused. This is why we are preparing to launch a zero-waste online supermarket !


EarthStore envisions bringing groceries to you in jars for the same price you pay in regular stores, offering a sustainable alternative for each product. We want to promote healthy consumption from local regenerative food producers, located in the Netherlands, where the service will launch. The jars are going to be delivered by big electric cargo bikes. You have an empty jar? We come to pick it up with your next order. After a good cleanse, the jar is ready for refill and then up for the next delivery.

Become a part of the cycle!

Become part of the change we need, therefore we ask for your help to build a durable and sustainable business which is accessible to everyone. Every Euro matters to build a green ecosystem and to guarantee the best quality of products at all times. Are you ready to make Earth a better place? We are looking for brave investors to invest into our crowdfunding project on GoFundMe!

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