Garry Davis

Garry Davis and the World Flag

Photo via WOUB Public Media

Have you ever heard about Garry Davis? He is famous for being “world citizen number one” since he started the idea of making world citizenship. In his activism for peace, world citizenship, and global democracy Davis also used a world flag that later became a symbol for the world federalist movement and similar organizations. The flag looks like this.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons


A World Flag for a World Government and World Citizens 

The flag came initially to be used by World Service, an organization started by Davis and other world federalists. For Davis and others, World Service was created to function as a public institution, later as a World Citizen Government, for all humans worldwide by issuing World Passports

From what is known, the flag was created during the first half of the 1950s, as in 1953-1954. For example, the following photo of Davis holding the flag outside of the United Nations Building was taken in 1954 by German-based newspaper Passauer Neue Presse. At that time, Davis had already renounced his American citizenship in favor of only having world citizenship. 

As you can see on the flag, it contains the following symbols and words:

  • Circle and globe, as a symbol for Earth, our planet for all humanity
  • The human body, as a symbol of human solidarity, humanism, and humanity across the planet
  • Freedom, peace, and abundance describe ideas and principles that all humans should value, cherish, and believe in co-existing and cooperating as world citizens.

Legacy and engagement 

Until his death in 2013, Davis was active as a peace activist and advocate of world government, democracy, and citizenship. His ideas and legacy have inspired many individuals and movements across the world, such as, for example, Democracy Without Borders global NGO promoting the establishment of a World Parliament. Similarly, the Earth Flag community is engaged for a unified, regenerative, and sustainable planet where all humans can live in peace, harmony, and freedom by creating common institutions. 

There is a long history of individuals and movements making flags in order to create symbols and affections representing the world, humanity, and our planet as a whole. What makes the EarthFlag unique and modern is that its production is based on sustainability and climate-friendly behaviors that are important for the ongoing process of ecological transformation, post-carbon economy, and the future of our world.


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