Emerging Peace Flag

White Blue White Flag

 Since the start of the Russian invasion and occupation war against Ukraine in late February, a new type of flag has emerged. The flag has been created based on the
Russian Federation flag is known as the “Russian peace flag”, “Stop the war flag”,  
beautiful Russia of the future”, “peace and freedom flag”. The new flag has partly been created as an alternative to the current Russian flag and partly made as an anti-war symbol.  

Photo via Wikimedia Commons - White Blue White flag being held in Toronto, Canada.

The information about the Russian peace flag is still very limited and recent. The flag has been shown for the first time at the beginning of March mainly outside of Russia as in European cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, and London. 


Photo via Wikimedia Commons – White Blue White flag during a demonstration in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia 


According to the Russian and English speaking portal Meduza, which presents itself as a part of the Russian democratic opposition to the authoritarian regime, the flag has been created by several individuals and networks engaged in art, culture, and democracy. One of the creators of the flag is Berlin-based user experience (UX) designer Kai Katonina. 


Based on an interview with her, the red color of the Russian flag is representing blood and violence.  According to her, different versions of the flag are being made around the world and that is ok since it is hard to demand from everyone to make only one version. Also, it is about showing that many Russians are against the war, dictatorship, and corruption of the current Russian regime. 


 The White Blue White flag is brought to the world by


Similar to the White Blue White Flag, the Earth Flag was also made with blue and white colors to promote peace, planetary solidarity, and unity. Because to solve common problems and challenges such as regarding climate change, wars, and pollution, our humanity needs more cooperation in order to shape a better future for all humans and other living beings. To represent peace with a symbol that represents the Earth and all life on it, you can get a flag here.

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