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Flag of Earth by Oskar Pernefeldt

The International Flag of Planet Earth

Imagine a situation where humans are representing Earth at a meeting somewhere in a galaxy. What would a flag of Earth look like? There are many alternatives since a number of Earth flags have been made over the last two hundred years. One of the most famous flags is the International Flag of Planet Earth, designed by Oskar Pernefeldt. 


The flag of Earth was designed in 2015 during a time when our world was experiencing many problems and challenges such as climate, refugees, and poverty. One of Pernefeldt’s approaches is that symbols can create a powerful shift of perspective that can impact human behavior, where the flag is a symbol for Earth and an important reminder that we share this planet. 


Another of Pernefeldt’s ideas was that even Earth would need to be represented at some point in the future. According to the International Flag of Planet Earth Organisation (IFOPE-O), a foundation he initiated,  the flag will remind people of the message it represents as regarding social, cultural, environmental, and economic aspects.


When it comes to symbolism, Pernefledt’s view is that many  people don’t feel an emotional connection to their home country, but they can still see themselves as global citizens. In situations like that, the flag can make a difference and provide support in daily life. For example, the white circles represent the continents and the connectivity between humans. 




It remains to see when and where the flag will be used to symbolize and represent Earth in space, for example, on a public or private space mission to Mars. The flag is also very similar to the Earth Flag, and people are often mixing up the flags. Anyway, despite certain design differences, the International Flag of Planet Earth and the Earth Flag are based on the same values, ambitions, and ideas of uniting our humanity and contributing to a sustainable and peaceful planet.


This International Flag of Planet Earth is now also available in the EarthFlag Store on this page and is soon available made of hemp.

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