EarthFlag Foundation

EarthFlag Foundation

EarthFlag Foundation wants to create global awareness for the EarthFlag and everything it stands for without any commercial activity in place. Because they do this without commercial activity, they also want the EarthFlag merchandise to be fully external from them. This began as a complication, because EarthFlag Foundation began to support the spread of a flag that no one was making. To support EarthFlag Foundation in its mission, the EarthFlag Store came to be.

We have always had a stock of EarthFlags, so we were able to quickly supply EarthFlag Foundation with flags when an activation was planned. Many activations were planned last minute. These activations were only possible because of the stock we invested in. 


The EarthFlag was too unknown for EarthFlag Store to accelerate enough sales, so until today this is a voluntary and non-commercial initiative running for over 2 years. Nevertheless this process is the foundation for the other activities we do today. We developed the EarthFlag as hemp-made flag and with that we created a world premiere on ecofriendly flag productions.


EarthFlag Foundation is happy to be the first to work with truly sustainable flags, and this has opened the pathways for a market transition in the flag industry. Besides the hemp-made flags, we have also produced the EarthFlag from recycled PET bottles.


María Alejandra Reyes - EarthFlag Foundation

"The EarthFlag Foundation recognizes the importance of having ecological EarthFlags that can fly freely without releasing microplastic into the enviroment. The hemp fabric gives us quality without compromising nature. We are really happy that we are able to have ecological flags now and very grateful with the caring and convenient service from the EarthFlag Store."

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