earth today



EarthToday is a change portal that protects nature through a social platform. We have supplied EarthToday with any request regarding flags. We also have the possibility in our check-out to protect a square meter of nature through EarthToday.


While most of the flags we made for EarthToday are not hemp made yet, we have a strong cooperation ahead of us.


Chiel Liezenberg - EarthToday

"EarthFlag Store has been the first to adopt EarthFlag and make it available to the world. They have serviced us with flags for over a year, very happy with that. Now they have taken EarthFlag to the next level by developing a hemp version of it - the most sustainable flag there is. Before this, we could find no better option than recycled plastic, but these actually release microplastics during use outside. So we are really happy with the new hemp EarthFlag!"

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