Ocean. Now! - IN YOUR FACE Kiel by Saskia Uppenkamp | Photographer

Ocean Now

Ocean. Now!

Ocean. Now! is an organization that activates for healthy and sustainable oceans through art. We made flags for the In Your Face project, which is an activation to inspire consciousness for the impact of microplastic. They wanted to hang flags with faces on the beach, but they couldn’t find flags that were not spreading microplastics themselves.

We had just managed to produce our first hemp flags with one-sided print. Ocean. Now! was so excited about the possibility to produce hemp-made flags that we decided to produce some hemp flags with one-sided print of the portraits as shown above. Our process was still quite immature and there was some time pressure. Anyhow we managed to deliver them 2 big hemp flags to wave on the beach, activating against microplastics.


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