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We recently succeeded on our mission to create the world's most eco-friendly flags. The flags we produce are now pioneering the sustainability transition of the flag industry.

We chose hemp fabrics as most suitable material for flags.

Cultivated hemp is:

  • Is environment positive, regenerating
    • Stores lots of CO2, toxic metals, etc.
    • Needs no pesticides
    • Contributes to the health of the soil
  • Needs little water
  • Needs no pesticides
  • Is organic, so biodegradable after its lifecycle
  • Is the most durable natural fabric known
  • Can grow in any continent, so can be cultivated locally
  • Can be used to make almost anything

Hemp x recycled polyester

We can produce a width variety of hemp products other than flags. Almost anything you can make of hemp.

To strategically support the transition to ecofriendly flags, we also offer today's industry standards. In this way we can

  • always deliver any flag order no matter the size.
  • give you the opportunity to make a convenient transition towards hemp flags with the speed you prefer.

Some statistics on the flags we offer are shown in the illustration below.

All profits on traditional flag sales are invested in sustainable development of an ecofriendly flag industry.

Unity comes with the embracement of Diversity

Your own design

Send us a message with a request and we will reach out to you to share information and request details.

    Hemp x polyester flags comparison
    Sources: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17wzw2WVyOMyW1h5FIFKQsyFipbKm8M498ZleMFL3dAg/edit?usp=sharing

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