EarthFlag Salute Infinity Expedition

EarthFlag Salute

WiphalaMedia broadcasted the departure of Infinity Expedition to Antarctica to plant our EarthFlag as an inspiration for us to take care of each other and the planet we live on. The sailing vessel is taking the ‘EarthFlag’ to four cardinal points of the earth.

The video can be watched below

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Seed of Life.

A History of Flags of Humanity

Flags are at the base of our cultures and a present icon of human history. We know flags for all types of communities, companies and institutions and different flags bring up different emotions to different people.

A documentary that was recently released shares the history of flags and what they mean to us today. It is an explanation of the potential of flags in hour human civilization and a great inspiration for what flags could mean to us tomorrow.

Watch the documentary here.

Note: the documentary is only available on Netflix.


EarthFlag Activities

As EarthFlag store we aim to spread untiy and inspire people around the globe through the EarthFlag​

Below you can read all about the adventures and initiatives that the Earthflag already took or participated in. This is just a modest start, EarthFlag aims for more journeys and initiatives to inspire and make change.

The planting on the polar ice

September 21, 2018 – In June, the crew of Infinity embarked on an adventurous journey through the Northwest Passage to help spread the message of unity. They have raised the EarthFlag on the Arctic ice on September 21st, known as the International Day of Peace. The journey has lots of streams online and is broadcasted worldwide on television through Discovery Channel under the name Expedition To The Edge

Plant your flag on EarthToday

On the online EarthToday platform, you can buy square meters of land or forest to accelerate nature protection. By buying a square meter land, you plant a virtual EarthFlag on this protected square meter. This procedure can be done by everyone and anytime since Earth Today gives the opportunity to get your space of land for not a lot of money and immediately.

Sail for Earth

Sail for Earth is a 4 years taking sailing rally around the world. The rally starts in Amsterdam in 2021 and goes through the Mediterranean to various places in Africa, afterwards to Brazil, through Patagonia to Antarctica, then further to America, then through Asia, to finally get back to Amsterdam for Sail Amsterdam. Many sailing ships will join (parts of) the journey too. The rally will evolve around the EarthFlag and its purpose. The goal was to spread unity all around the world and awareness of the flag. More information is about to come.

EarthFlag instead of sponsorname

One of the sponsors of Dutch Alpine skier Kaj van den Heuvel requested to put the EarthFlag instead of their name and logo on his ski race suit. Kaj then put the EarthFlag on his right shoulder to represent the EarthFlag everywhere he goes skiing.
We believe that Earth is our sponsor in terms of resources, and this should be more recognized around the world.

EarthFlag on a spacecraft​

October 2020 – Dawn Aerospace is starting test flights with its new Mk-II Aurora spaceplane. These spaceplanes are designed to be the most sustainable crafts, as they are reusable, reduce rocket debris and can go to space and back multiple times a day. These spaceplanes are the first to carry the EarthFlag on their fuselage, along with the flags of New Zealand and the Netherlands, where Dawn is based. Having the EarthFlag in space is a major achievement!



A Story, An Experience, A Community

Wiphalamedia is a media platform that aims to represent minorities and communities all around the world. The platform regroups different creative and talented people from around the world, who have a passion for media production, journalism, writing and humanity. All of them make a beautiful contribution to this platform to raise awareness of the reality for some minorities. The platform also gives importance to inform and educate people as much as possible about those minorities and about major societal issues that could possibly affect human rights. The platform gives those communities a whole new media identity to represent themselves.

Indigenous communities and minorities have always been misrepresented but most importantly misinterpreted in today’s mainstream media. In most cases, people are strongly biased and prejudiced towards certain ethnicities and communities they do not know about. There have also been major observations that there is an existence of missing interaction between local communities and tourists, due to the fact that most individuals are misinformed.

This is where Wiphalamedia steps in and gives those minorities a voice to speak up and open people’s minds. This is the first step into the right direction to create unification due to more comprehension and acceptance towards other human beings. They also promote communitarian tourism, where indigenous communities and minorities provide a live-in experience for travellers who are interested in creating change for them. This implements the exploration and discovery of those communities’ traditions and culture. Following this experience, travellers then can opt to create content about these communities on Wiphalamedia news space to inform those who are less fortunate to travel or to those misinformed about these communities. The main objective of this content is to deliver a message from the indigenous communities and shape the minds of people into openness.

Through sharing live experiences among individuals, Wiphalamedia also helps these minorities in economic terms by promoting their leadership in commerce on a social sustainable platform.

Wiphalamedia is currently growing and is also looking for passionate content creators who would help shed light on minorities and bring awareness on other societal problems such as the environment, human rights, kid rights, identity rights and so many more. The most important criteria to become a content creator is passion!

For further information visit and their socials below!

If you are a passionate writer and want to contribute to Wiphalamedia to raise awareness, contact them at

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Make Earth Smile


EarthFlag Store’s ultimate goal is to gain gobal recoginition of the EarthFlag in its responsibility to take care of each other and the planet we share. To get to this goal, EarthFlags Store aims to build the Earth Community.

What is the Earth Community?

The Earth Community includes every body on Earth who is willing to make Earth a better place and is ready to take action. Each and everyone can participate and contribute to the legacy of the EarthFlag.

How to join the Earth Community?

Joining the community is very simple. All you need to do is sending us a picture with you and the EarthFlag or your EarthFlag on a memorable location. We will feature you on our social media (Facebook and Instagram) platform and tag you on the picture. The purpose is also to join a message to the picture to inspire more people to take action and learn to appreciate our precious planet. 

Another option is that you tag us on your social media post and we will repost it on our platform to forward your inspiring message. 

Once we build a large community, we might open a whole gallery on this website with proud EarthFlag holders of the community!

Our social media platforms

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Zero Waste Food Art

How to make Zero Waste Food Art?

But first, what is food art?

Food Art can come in many different shapes but in general, it is about presenting food in a creative way. It’s an edible artwork. Whether we cook it or we craft it or both.

It doesn’t matter how we do it. What matters is how we present the food art. It will please the eyes and the taste buds. We can use many ingredients to create food art.

What is Zero Waste Food Art?

There is a tricky thing in making food art. We want to make an art that is pleasing our eyes and our taste buds. We forget the important thing. It should not be complicated.

Why complicated?

Sometimes, we focus on the design and we start buying more ingredients to match with our design. We get the idea from social media then we want to imitate exactly the same. Unfortunately, we don’t have the same ingredients. So, we buy new ingredients.

If our ingredients are what we need for our meal planning then it is ok. What if it is not?

We will get overwhelmed and our ingredients will be wasted.

Many years ago, I had this experience and I couldn’t stand it.

Why I have to buy new ingredients just to make a food art? That’s definitely not a goal that I want to achieve.

From then on, I only make ZERO WASTE FOOD ART


Sekar food art’s ingredients are what we have in the fridge or house.

Here are examples of Zero Waste Food Art:

Food Art is like art and craft but using food as material. There only three type of ingredients for food art:

  1. Vegetables
  2. Fruits
  3. Bread, Pasta or Potatoes.

Basically, we always have those three ingredients. So, we are always prepared to make food art.

Here are 3 tips of making zero waste food art:

  1. The time

When is the snack time? I serve my food art during snack time at home. Why? Because food art is usually a small portion of food. It’s good for a snack size meal.

2. Ideas

Check food art ideas in Instagram or other social media platforms. For more ideas, you can check mine in Instagram @sekarfoodart. It’s always good to start with easy design which we are confident to create it.

3. The Making

We always use the ingredients that we already have. It is also a good choice if we can use left-over too.

What if we don’t have the same ingredients with the design we choose? Replace them with the ingredients we have.

What if we use dry ingredients like quinoa as decoration?

We can put them back in the jar or we can cook quinoa for dinner meal.

Think of our food art as a snack meal that will bright up our family mood. Everyone will enjoy the food art and eat them together.

So, we please our eyes, satisfy our appetite and no wasted ingredients

Now we know how to make zero waste food art, it’s time to make it!

For more ideas, you can check on my website

Happy to know you,

Sekar Nareswari

Short Bio

Sekar Nareswari is the creative head of Sekar Food Art She is mastering her food art’s skill & coaching in The Netherlands, Philippines and Indonesia. Her friends describe her as a very energetic person & creative person. Her family sees her as a very expressive & extrovert person. Food Art & Workshop is her outlet to express her creativity & to boost her energy.  She is currently living in Zwolle, The Netherland.