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    Minimum order quantity: 50 units
    Average production time: 2 months

    We can produce a wide variety of hemp products.


    We encourage craftsmanship that supports Earth’s ecosystems. That is why we have products made of hemp. Hemp grows like wildfire, barely needs water and is the perfect fabric to craft with. Organic cotton is a big polluter in comparison to hemp.

    Hemp as a fabric

    Some Hemp Facts


    • – returns 50 to 70% of all nutrients it takes from the soil
    • – can grow consecutively for over 20 years without the soil being affected
    • – needs no pesticides to be grown as it naturally reduces pests
    • – never shrimps in washing machine and gets softer the more it is washed
    • – is used from top to bottom for construction (cars, houses, packaging, etc.), protein-rich & nutritious food, fabrics, paper and more
    • – breaths very well, is moisture absorbent and is very anti-bacterial
    • – is very UV-protective
    • – farms take more CO2 from the atmosphere than a similar space of rich forest


    Hemp vs Cotton

    Hemp as sustainable fabric

    Hemp vs Cotton statistics



    Water use during growth and production

    10.000L per kg against 400L per kg for hemp

    Land use

    Over 2 times as much space needed that stays fertilized over 10 times shorter




    If we optimize our use of hemp with our current materialist society, we instantly end the current climate crisis. This potential has been waiting to emerge for way too long! What can you do as an individual? Try hemp also for clothing and food! Check the resources for some nice initiatives and to learn more about this magical weed.

    And just to clarify; hemp doesn’t get you high. For that you’ll have to buy marihuana.


    Hemp is the most sustainable fabric on Earth. That is why we encourage the transition of the fabric industry to hemp made products.




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