We offer hemp flags because we have learned that hemp has many benefits over its potential substitutes. Hemp:

  • Is environment positive, regenerating
  • Is easily and completely biodegradable
  • Is the most durable natural fabric known
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Water use
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Land use
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Years durability
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Years durability

We shouldn’t even talk about polyester. Note that hemp flags are not close to as durable as hemp fabrics such as clothing because just as with flags from other materials, after +/- 1 year of full time usage, the dye will be fading out. The fabric can still be sown into a different product to live on.

Marijuana leafs on top of dried hemp fibers

Big orders and testing

To strategically support the transition to ecofriendly flags, we also offer today's industry standards. In this way we can

  • always deliver any flag order no matter the size.
  • give clients the opportunity to make a convenient transition towards hemp flags with the speed our clients prefer.

To offer today's industry standard, we have partnered with Vlaggenclub, a pioneering flag producer in The Netherlands.

Vlaggenclub and EarthFlag Store have agreed that all profits on traditional flag sales are invested in sustainable development for an ecofriendly flag industry.

Hemp as a fabric

Some Hemp Facts


  • returns 50 to 70% of all nutrients it takes from the soil
  • can grow consecutively for over 20 years without the soil being affected
  • needs no pesticides to be grown as it naturally reduces pests
  • never shrimps in the washing machine and gets softer the more it is washed
  • is used from top to bottom. For construction (cars, houses, packaging, etc.), protein-rich & nutritious food, fabrics, paper, bio-fuel and more
  • breaths very well, is moisture absorbent and is very anti-bacterial
  • is very UV-protective
  • farms take more CO2 from the atmosphere than a similar space of rich forest

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If we optimize our use of hemp with our current materialist society, we instantly end the current climate crisis. This potential has been waiting to emerge for way too long! What can you do as an individual? Try hemp also for clothing and food! Check the resources for some nice initiatives and to learn more about this magical weed.

And just to clarify; hemp doesn’t get you high. For that you’ll have to buy marihuana.

Data shown on this page is based on theoretical research and testing. This data is based on estimates and is therefore not binding.

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Unity comes with the embracement of Diversity

Your own design

Send us a message with a request and we will reach out to you to share information and request details.

    Minimum order quantity: 50 units
    Average time needed on our side: 6 months
    Maximum width of fabric: 1,6 meters / 64 inches

    We can produce a wide variety of hemp products.


    We encourage craftsmanship that supports Earth’s ecosystem.