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Prosperity comes from humanity's capability to evolve into a responsible, planetary specie of a healthy, thriving planet. We believe humanity's oneness grows with the attendance of more tangible, unifying products.

Our mission is to spread these products in the most regenerative way.

We make this possible with the support we get today, from buyers like you.


In Everything we do, we represent
4 important values


We explicitly focus on offering long lasting basic necessities, to step out of the human-made habit of materialistic consumerism.


For ecological purposes, the products we offer have a most sustainable process from the beginning of its creation to its final destination.


Our products serve as a source of inspiration to act upon the importance of the product's message of consciousness and unity.


The message of unity is the main purpose of both our products and the organization itself. We believe change can be triggered by unity and togetherness.

Those are our core values, and this is why we work with specialized companies who ensure the sustainbability of each product. For instance we offer one flag made of hemp and the rest of the flags are made with PET who upcycle plastic bottles and give them a new purpose by transforming plastic bottles into fabric.

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