Blue flag with white symbol. White circles.
Blauwe vlag met wit symbool. Witte cirkels.
Bandera azul con un simbolo de circulos blancos.

Inspiring Materials

We choose our materials to inspire. We work with PET to recycle our oceans clean from plastic and with hemp to show what material we should have been using all along. We ship the flag without any additional materials, in a compostable bag.

Compostable Bags

It looks like a plastic bag, but it is made of cornstarch and a 100% compostable. After opening, you can refill it, re-close it, and repurpose it. You will receive only this bag containing solely what you ordered. In this way we make sure you end up with no waste at all.

packaging 2 packaging


Hemp is the most sustainable fabric on Earth. That is why we encourage the transition of the fabric industry to hemp made products.



Recycling plastic bottles is the most accessible way to produce flags in a better than regular way. That is why we recycle PET bottles where we have not yet developed a better alternative.