EarthFlag – Medium


EarthFlag 100x160cm (change size below description)


– Made of a 100% recycled plastic
– Strong and durable quality
– Ropes for attachment are a small loop at the top and a cord at the bottom

Other available sizes:
– 19×30,5 cm (out of stock)
50×80 cm
– 100×160 cm (most recommended)
150×240 cm (out of stock)
– 300×480 cm

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A reminder for us to take care of each other and the planet we live on.

This flag size is mostly used as guest / add-on flag on sailing vessels and great for everyone who is looking for a smaller flag size. If you want to explore more for possible ways to use the EarthFlag, you can simply click here to learn more.

The meaning behind

The white symbol, existing of 7 circles that collide into one another, is also known as the Seed of Life. This symbol is rooted into most of humanity’s cultures throughout a wide range of history and of fundamental value in mathematics, encoded in the stars. The blue color represents the repartition of land and water on the planet which gives it this navy-blue earth color. The EarthFlag’s size is based on the golden ratio. Learn more about the flag and its history here.

Hemp material

This flag is made out of 100% hemp material which makes it sustainable and life long durable!

As far as we know, we are the only place in the world where professional hemp flags are offered. This makes these hemp flags the most sustainable flags in the world.

Also know

If sizes are sold out, please contact us to make sure about it and we can see what we can do for you.
To embody the flag as part of your fashion style click here
To learn more about the story of the EarthFlag, check out

Additional information

Dimensions 160 × 100 cm

4 reviews for EarthFlag – Medium

  1. bart elbertse

    Great service, great flag. I love the message and like to contribute.

  2. Nils

    Fantastic initiative. Good luck.

  3. Chiel

    Just pre-ordered one. Love it Can’t wait to see this beautiful blue-colored flag flying in all corners of the world.

  4. Chiel

    Just pre-ordered one. Love it! Can’t wait to see this beautiful blue-colored flag flying in all corners of the world.

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