Hemp EarthFlag


Hemp Earthflag 19 x 30,5 cm


– This size grants you good visibility
– Strong and durable material
– Ropes for attachment are a loop at the top and a cord at the bottom
– Easy to attach
– It looks good everywhere you hang it

Has multiple usage purposes such as:

  • – guest flag on sailing boat
  • – hanging on tents
  • – to put on your bike
  • – hang it in front of your house.

There are so many more possibilities to represent unity throughout a flag.

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This flag comes in 19×30,5 cm size and can be used as a guest flag on all kinds of ships and boats. What makes this flag different from other flags, is that this flag is entirely made out of hemp. Right now his fabric is the most sustainable material you can find on the market and should be a substitute to polyester flags, which is a heavy polluter to earth. Hemp is a 100% biodegradable and recyclable material, on top of that, hemp is known for being a very durable fabric, which makes it so environmentally friendly! However, producing flags with hemp is not yet the most popular method on the market, so the flags are only printed on one side.

Production will be adapted in order to be able to print those wonderful flags on both sides and still remain sustainable. However, printing it one side has a symbolic; it portrays how unevenly the world is distributed, how on one side some are extremely privileged and on the other, people live in horrendous conditions. EarthFlag hopes this unfairness can be stopped in near future by creating awareness through this flag. Due to the unique texture of hemp, you should be aware, that the color might differ from the orginal.

Details to the flag:

It is hemmed all around the edges of the flag and it is also double sewed with a very strong cord and loop. The initial size of the flag used to be 19×30,5 cm, the reason to this is explained beneath in the meaning of the Earth Flag. This flag has various usage purposes but the most common are the use as guest flag and boat flag since it comes to the standard guest size, some also use it on top of their tent. The size of the flag makes it also a perfect use to attach it to your bike and promote unity everywhere you go.

The flag will come with a amazing sustainable packaging that can easily be reused for multiple purposes.

Meaning of the Earth Flag:

In the middle of the flag, you might notice a white symbol, it is the seed of life. It is an age-old symbol that should remind people to guard of the planet earth. The reason why the initial flag size was 19×30,5 cm, was because of the measures of the golden ratio which is again illustrated on the third picture. Hemp is now used for the production of Earth Flags because of its highly sustainable and resistant material unlike polyester and cotton.

If the flag is sold out, please contact us to make sure about it and we can see what we can do for you.
Do you want to help but do you think a flag is too big or you can’t hang it? Click here
Click here to learn more about how you could use the EarthFlag.
Go visit EarthFlag foundation to find out more about our values and concept! EarthFlag.org 

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Dimensions 30.5 × 19 cm


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