Rainbow Flag


Unity is colorful. Peace is what unites us. Rainbow Flag 100x150cm.

The perfect size to hang on a regular flagpole, or for a bigger sized boat.


– Strong and durable quality
– Ropes for attachment are a small loop at the top and a cord at the bottom

This flag is already available, but we are waiting for enough demand to produce it fully out of hemp. Please fill the contact form from the menu to pre-order this hemp-made flag.


The Rainbow Flag is also known as Peace Flag and Pride Flag.

We offer a sustainable opportunity to buy the Rainbow Flag. A flag that stands for Earth, Humanity and Prosperity.

The Rainbow Flag represents unity in diversity and its original meaning is the power of enlightenment and progress. Its colors stand for life, healing, sun, and nature. Therefore, the organization believes that the rainbow flag should achieve global recognition as the flag of humanity and wants to feature it on their platform. The rainbow flag has been adopted to represent the LGBT community and the “spectrum” of human sexuality and gender. Besides the rainbow’s popularity in the LGBT community, it is also a flag for humanity as a whole. The rainbow flag is a potential flag to be adopted as universal flag for humanity, together with the EarthFlag.

Additional information

Dimensions 160 × 100 cm


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