Seed of Life Necklace


Silver colored necklace of the Seed of Life symbol.

Can be worn every day with every casual look on any occasion.

Find some more details in the description below.

Soon available in silver color.

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The design of the necklace is very simplistic to wear it on every occasion and any time. It is a simple way to let your environment know, that you are part of a unity and a sustainable community.

As you can see on the picture, the chain is made out of small bullets to keep it together and the total length of this chain is about 40 cm.

The Necklace is available in 2 colors, gold and silver. Please note, that those aren’t real silver and gold jewelries. The gold one will be available when the necklace is out of the pre-ordering period.

The meaning behind

The 7 circles are colliding into one another which can be interpreted as a symbol of unity. Learn more about its history here.


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