As EarthFlag store we aim to spread untiy and inspire people around the globe through the EarthFlag

Below you can read all about the adventures and initiatives that the Earthflag already took or participated in. This is just a modest start, EarthFlag aims for more journeys and initiatives to inspire and make change.

The planting on the polar ice

September 21, 2018 – In June, the crew of Infinity embarked on an adventurous journey through the Northwest Passage to help spread the message of unity. They have raised the EarthFlag on the Arctic ice on September 21st, known as the International Day of Peace. The journey has lots of streams online and is broadcasted worldwide on television through Discovery Channel under the name Expedition To The Edge

Plant your flag on EarthToday

On the online EarthToday platform, you can buy square meters of land or forest to accelerate nature protection. By buying a square meter land, you plant a virtual EarthFlag on this protected square meter. This procedure can be done by everyone and anytime since Earth Today gives the opportunity to get your space of land for not a lot of money and immediately.

Sail for Earth

Sail for Earth is a 4 years taking sailing rally around the world. The rally starts in Amsterdam in 2021 and goes through the Mediterranean to various places in Africa, afterwards to Brazil, through Patagonia to Antarctica, then further to America, then through Asia, to finally get back to Amsterdam for Sail Amsterdam. Many sailing ships will join (parts of) the journey too. The rally will evolve around the EarthFlag and its purpose. The goal was to spread unity all around the world and awareness of the flag. More information is about to come.

EarthFlag instead of sponsorname

One of the sponsors of Dutch Alpine skier Kaj van den Heuvel requested to put the EarthFlag instead of their name and logo on his ski race suit. Kaj then put the EarthFlag on his right shoulder to represent the EarthFlag everywhere he goes skiing.
We believe that Earth is our sponsor in terms of resources, and this should be more recognized around the world.

EarthFlag on a spacecraft​

October 2020 – Dawn Aerospace is starting test flights with its new Mk-II Aurora spaceplane. These spaceplanes are designed to be the most sustainable crafts, as they are reusable, reduce rocket debris and can go to space and back multiple times a day. These spaceplanes are the first to carry the EarthFlag on their fuselage, along with the flags of New Zealand and the Netherlands, where Dawn is based. Having the EarthFlag in space is a major achievement!

Find more adventures at the blogs on our website, at the website of EarthFlag Foundation and at the platform of EarthToday!