The flag of the planet Earth is used to show a sense of belonging to the totality of the (eco)system that we are a part of, to show that we are all connectedTo spread this message, people use the flag as part of their lifestyle and routine.

The Flag can and has been used in all the ways shown below.

Flower of life

Hang the flag in (front of) your home

Flower of life

By hanging the flag in (front of) your home

Make your home feel even more like wholeness and unity by simply putting it in front. Showing your neighborhood what you stand for will encourage them to be a big part of a unity too.
It is a creative way to show union and to be part of this beautiful culture.

Represent a home where all people around the world know that they are welcomed and this is a home of togetherness

Carry the flag on an iconic journey

The EarthFlag goes on adventurous journeys all around the world, all this to travel with a sense of belonging and to spread out the flag and its message of unity. No matter if it is walking, climbing, sailing, surfing, skateboarding, skiing, cycling or something else, it has been done with the EarthFlag. All to inspire people with the message of the flag, and to inspire people to take the flag on a journey themselves.

Spread the EarthFlag among networks and communities

Internet is a major tool to share the EarthFlag to a broader audience. Through websites, blogs, social media and conscious platforms, the EarthFlag gets exposure on the web. EarthToday is an example of a social platform that has implemented the EarthFlag.

Plant the EarthFlag on an iconic situation

The end of many journeys with the EarthFlag is an iconic location where the EarthFlag gets planted. The flag has been planted at the top of the Mont Blanc, but also on the North Pole! Together, we try to get the flag everywhere around the world.

Use the EarthFlag

  • Instead of a sponsor name
  • Instead of a national or regional insignia
  • Instead of a national or regional flag
  • On an event or festivals
  • At a protest

Raise the EarthFlag on an iconic moment

There are many situations where people raise the EarthFlag, to embrace the moment with a symbol of wholeness and unity. Many globally recognized days are known to raise the EarthFlag on. The most known ones are listed below.

  • April 22: Earth Day 
    Since the Founding of Earth Day in 1970, many people worldwide celebrate this day by hanging the flag of planet Earth.
  • September 18: World Cleanup Day 
    On World Cleanup Daymany people who participate with cleaning activities hang the flag half mast. On the end of the day, they raise the flag to its proper position to celebrate today’s improvement and to keep the flag out until the end of the World Peace Day. 
  • September 21World Peace Day 
    On World Peace Day (also known as International Day of Peace), many people hang the EarthFlag to increase awareness for the importance of peace and to share a strong message of unity to show how humanity by nature belongs to peace itself.
Some other global days the EarthFlag community feels connected with: 

  • January 24: Day of education 
  • March 8: Women’s day (usually half-staff) 
  • March 20+21+22: happiness day, end-racism dayday of forests, day of water, change of season 
  • March 25 – 26th SDG virtual Festival 
  • June 5: World Environment Day 
  • July 28: World Nature Day 
  • August 9: World Indigenous Day 
  • October 24: Day of Climate Action 
  • November 1: World Ecology Day
  • December 10: Human Rights Day

Raise your phone

Raising the EarthFlag can be done without having a physical flag. Project the EarthFlag on a phone and raise the EarthFlag!

Other ways to share the message

There are infinite ways to share the same message, without using an EarthFlag. EarthFlag aims to become a symbol for all these beautiful initiatives.